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Sound Distribution & PA System

We provide solutions for Background Music and Public Address Systems which can also include Voice Evacuation message when interfaced with a Fire Alarm System.

Sound Distribution & PA System

Solutions are available for Retail Outlets, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Hospitals, Stadiums, Sports Complex, Airports Warehouses and any other places where such systems can fit.

Since every location is unique, systems can be tailored to satisfy any size of installation starting from small to a multi-zone public address configuration with digital messaging, automated functions and additional power capability.

When being broadcast, whether being related to emergency situations, commercial or general announcements, messages must be clear to retain attention and avoid confusion. This is why we focus in providing solutions tailored around equipment which are sturdy and durable, equipment which are built to last without over-looking user-friendly functionality, sound quality and speech intelligibility all across.

 A wide range of speakers are available to suit any kind of environment whether indoor or outdoor and are chosen to provide even sound distribution under each application.