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High Sensitivity Aspirating Smoke Detection

This type of detector works by continually drawing air into a pipe network installed inside the area to be protected.

Air is drawn via a high efficiency aspirator which passes through a dual stage filter before it allows the air sample to reach the laser detection chamber. The process is to keep the detector’s optical surfaces free from contamination ensuring stable calibration and longevity of the detector. From the filter, the air sample passes through to the calibrated detection chamber where it is exposed to a laser source. When smoke is present, light is scattered within the detection chamber and is instantly identified by the highly sensitive receiver system. This method of early warning detection system can be used to protect areas varying from 250msquare to 2000msquare with the widest sensitivity range of 0.005 to 20% obs/m (Smoke obscuration per meter). Systems are designed using designated software required to properly establish the air sampling pipe network and number/spacing of sampling points needed to best suit the requirement under which the detector will serve.

Solutions are now available connecting Gas Detection to Aspirating Smoke Detection providing early warning of toxic,oxygen and flammable gas hazards to protect personnel and property whilst ensuring business continuity. Product has been developed to provide cost-effective gas detection and environmental monitoring in numerous applications and environments.