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Micro Environment – In-Panel Tube Based Suppression System

Micro Environment – In-Panel Tube Based Suppression System

Electrical short circuit is the primary reason for big, fatal fires in most premises today. In such fires, these short circuits occur mostly inside the electrical panels as this is where high voltage lines terminate.

In seconds, what is a small spark turns into a flame and then a fiery blaze in a matter of a few minutes, lives are lost and property is gutted. The panel tube based Fire Suppression system is designed to fight fires that occur in the enclosed space of electric panels. The system is installed to provide split second detection and activation to ensure that any fire is killed in the nascent stage inside the most vulnerable spaces i.e the Electrical Panels.

Key Features

  • LPCB Certified in direct HFC 236fa, HFC 227ea gas based, 2 x 4Kgs variants.
  • System operates automatically and requires no human intervention
  • Simple design for ease of functionality
  • Entirely self-contained and does not require any power supply
  • Ready to fight such fires on 24/7
  • Various configurations are available – Contact us for more information – System design and quotation