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Fire and Smoke Curtains

Curtains are manufactured to size and are of motorized type. 

Fire and Smoke Curtains

A control panel with battery back-up is used to monitor the curtains and requires a 110V-240Vac (selectable) supply in order to keep the batteries charged up. The control panel accommodates a key switch, over-ride button which is used to override the 24V motor and to raise the curtain in order to allow for an escape route once the unit has completed its descent after being activated by the fire system. 

In normal use, curtain is retracted, awaiting for a fire Alarm signal. The curtain winds down when it either receives a signal from the fire alarm or a down word signal from the key switch. The control system has been specifically designed with versatility and adaptability in mind, providing stand alone and linkable features for a variety of systems and applications supplied with multiple control inputs/outputs, along with configurable settings. The panel can allow for options that include drive/directional control of motors and actuators along with automatic switchable outputs for audible warning devices plus additional auxiliary system status outputs for external systems.   

Curtains are smoke and fire resistant to British Standards and provide 120 and up to 240 minutes of fire integrity and insulation depending on the nature of the application and type of curtain required.

Curtains are unobtrusive, lightweight and easy to install.

Units can be fully recessed into the walls and ceilings.

This system is similar to a roller shutter but has a curtain made of a woven fiber glass fire-resistant material and comes with an electronic control panel including battery back-up in case of power failure. The frame work of the curtain consists of a top box, a pair of specially folded side guides, a glass fiber curtain and a bottom rail. A control panel is supplied to work in conjunction with the fire curtain unit. The top box holds a steel barrel which in turn houses a 24Vdc tubular motor.  The purpose of the barrel is to carry the curtain and allow it to descend and rise in a uniform manner. The curtain remains concealed in its Top Box until activated by a heat or smoke alarm. The control panel can either be programmed to work with the building fire alarm (or standalone detector)and to control the low voltage motor, emergency retract facilities, split drop functions, beam sensors, etc.

The fire curtain provides both smoke and heat compartmentalization ensuring minimal heat transfer to the non-fire side, allowing for safe passage of escape. It is ideal for various applications, such as survey hatches and lobbies, stairwells, escape corridors, offices, retail outlets, hospitals as an alternative for fire doors or any other requirements that need smoke and heat compartmentalization.

Large widths curtains may be constructed in sections and sewn together with stainless steel sewing thread.

Multiple barrels are used for curtains that have a span of over 6 meters wide to cater for the weight of the material.

Two types of motor are available; the standard drive-up drive-down motor and the gravity fail safe (GFS) motor. The GFS motor is used for emergency escape routes and the drive-up drive-down for windows and servery hatches. Can be used as an alternative to a Fire Door,fire rated galzing,fire shutter or sprinkler system.