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Pre-Engineered & Engineered FM200® HFC 227ea

HFC-227ea is the worldwide most widely accepted selected clean agent used in new application and as a halon replacement, the agent is safe, clean and electrically non-conductive. 

It is used all around the world to protect high value assets in business operations where the slightest downtime and disruption can lead to heavy repair costs and losses. 80% of HFC227ea fire- fighting effectiveness is achieved through heat absorption and 20% through direct chemical means.

Applications: Critical Assets- Data Processing Centers – IT related systems – Telecommunications equipment – Library collections – Museum Collections – Art Storage – Original document storage and archives – Generator and turbine enclosures – Electrically driven equipment. 

A pre-engineered Fire Suppression has the cost advantage of not using a distribution of pipes and fitting within a gas protected facility. The solution is based on the use of modular type cylinders. Pressure loss factor over complicated pipe distribution networks is no more of an issue. Fires are extinguished based on a total flooding basis. This means that once the enclosed volume of the protected area is established, a simple calculation is applied in assessing the amount of extinguishing agent required based on the requirements for the risk. Installation is cost effective as based on the use of modular type cylinders, the units can be wall mounted using special support brackets within the protected area. Cylinders are available to fit in floor voids and ceiling voids so that when combined with the room space cylinders(s), a total flooding solution is achieved as all cylinders are fired simultaneously. Systems are designed with utmost precision to internationally recognized standards and come with all the required accessories to fulfill all the requirements of a Fire-Prone Micro Environment.

Classification - Works on Class A(Solid) B(Liquid&Gas),&C (Electrically Energized) hazards and  effective on a wide range of flammable liquid Fires.

Electronics-friendly - Shown to be electrically non-conductive and is safe to electrically charged equipment. Because it is non-corrosive, electrically nonconductive, free of residue and characterized by low toxicity, it is ideally suited for protection of high-value assets such as those found in computer rooms, data control centers, telecommunication facilities, UPS Rooms, Transformer and Switch Gear Rooms, museums, etc.

Environment friendly – Though being a clean agent, HFC-227ea has a higher ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) compared to inert gases; it remains an alternative to chemical and water-based extinguishing systems. As HFC 227ea already exist as a gas in the earth’s atmosphere, it is one of the by-products of combustion; it does not harm the earth’s stratospheric ozone layer. Its atmospheric lifetime is minimal. The success of this type of Fire Suppression has been proven across 70 nations around the globe, and in more than 100 thousand applications.

No clean-up required after discharge – The extinguishing agent can be removed by simple ventilation after discharge.

Speedy deployment, minimal downtime – Deploys quickly, reaching extinguishing levels within seconds, stopping ordinary combustible, electrical and flammable liquid fires before significant damage is caused.

Lower storage requirement – Stored in cylinders as a liquid and pressured with nitrogen, HFC 227ea systems works on low pressure and as such take up to seven times less storage space than any high-pressure system.

Highly effective – Because HFC 227ea works on the heat element in fires, it prevents re-ignition by rapidly cooling down temperatures within the protected area.

Highly reliable – Cylinders are fitted with 100% tested mechanical control head to ensure reliable operation. A pressure gauge is fitted to the Hi-Flow discharge valve assembly and marks the gas level within each cylinder.

Health & safety – HFC227ea is only fast and effective with a low space weight characteristic but is also safe for human exposure. FM200® extinguishers fires by removing the heat element and reacting with the combustion process. The gas is stored at a low pressure and only requires a design concentration of 7.9% suitable for occupied areas.

Engineered solution: As opposed to the Pre-Engineered (modular) solution, the engineered system requires a distribution of pipework to carry the gas from the cylinder(s) extinguishing agent to the nozzle(s) within the protected area. The pipes and fittings are ASTM Grade and are installed in accordance to design calculations run under the provisions of NFPA 2001 guidelines. An engineered system offers optimum designs for the defined risk with reduced pipe sizes, unbalanced flows as well as the possibility to provide common room and void protection.