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People, Vehicle Counting & Parking Control Systems

Accurate people counting requires superior, mechanically stable and specialized hardware.

People, Vehicle Counting & Parking Control Systems

This is why Vitech Electronics has chosen to provide solutions using Nortech Headcount counters which detect people’s movement despite different heights and sizes, light and shadow, speeds and direction.

The counters operate effectively with high levels of activity and complex movements. The Nortech headcount counters is your solution if you are looking for:

  • Accurate counting
  • Real time data you can trust
  • Customized executive Insights
  • Complete peace of mind

Solutions are also available for:-

  • Vehicle counting
  • Parking guidance that ensures visitor traffic at the shopping center flows smoothly even on the busiest days so you can fill your parkade down to that very last bay. Ultrasonic bay monitoring sensors installed above every parking-bay in a covered parking facility makes it possible to detect the absence or presence solution. The real time status of the parking space is displayed through a cluster of colored Leds onboard the bay monitoring sensor. A software is used to continually analyze the parking occupancies and applies sophisticated algorithms to ensure vehicles in flux to move freely and do not cause unnecessary congestions.In addition to the above, parking control & management systems are available with entry/exit units based on barcode ticketing system, automatic pay station, cashier terminal, VoIP Intercom, display units, card readers, boom barriers and management software.